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Digital Underwater Strobes
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Sea&Sea YS-110 TTL

Sea&Sea YS-110 With a guide number of 22 meters (ISO 100/land), delivered by three Xenon flash tubes, the YS-110 has the same power as its predecessors in the YS-90 series.

It also features a better circular coverage of 105°, automatic pre-flash function for digital cameras, an Ultra HID LED focus light and a Nikonos 5 pin TTL connector.

Special feature of this strobe is the compatibility with Nikon and Canon digital cameras as it support DS-TTL over a fibre optic cable. This system is activated only when you are using another main TTL flash/strobe such as a built-in TTL flash of a digital camera or another TTL strobe connected to the camera. A DS-TTL strobe adjusts its flash to match the flash output of the camera�s built-in TTL flash or an external TTL strobe so that the camera's TTL sensors regulate total flash output.


Dimensions:115 x 88 x 140 mm
Weight:700 gr
Max depth:60 m
Guide number:22 m (ISO 100, land)
Color temperature:5400 K
Beam angle:105°
Exposure control:DS-TTL, TTL and Manual, with 13 light-level options
Pre-flash synchronization:None or automatic preflash
Number of flashes:300 (NiMH)
Recycle time:3 sec (NiMH)
Power source:4x AA batteries
Options:Fiber Optic Cable, Nikonos Sync Cord
Accessories included:Unknown
Suggested retail price:Discontinued   from ScubaCam.nl from ScubaCam.nl
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